School CPD Tracker: Created by TT Education

TT Education is an innovative primary school improvement company, leading the way in the development and delivery of practical and exciting CPD training for primary teachers, consultancy and resources.

Founded in January 2012 by David Maytham, everything we do is underpinned by the belief that every child has the right to a good education. Our mission is to motivate and inspire all primary school staff to achieve outstanding results through engaged learning and inspirational leadership.

All of our training and resources keep the power of talk-led, collaborative, active learning at their heart, and draw on the importance of the gamification of learning, to promote children's enjoyment of and engagement with their education. This is what we call the Path to Success.

Our approach to school improvement

In using the Path to Success, we are not advocating a scheme that primary schools, children and teachers have to follow in a particular order or predetermined way. In our experience, a predetermined scheme is unable to take account of all the various factors at play in any one classroom; including, but not limited to the skill set of the teacher and the ability range of the children.

The Path to Success methodology has collaboration and active approaches at its heart. Its process can be applied across the curriculum, as the core techniques it embodies can be used to teach any skill or operation. Once teachers internalise this process, it has the potential to transform their practice and have a significant impact on standards.

Teachers who utilise the Path to Success will develop and enrich children’s ability to problem-solve, think creatively, improve their skills as learners and consequently make accelerated progress

School CPD Tracker - making a difference

TT Education's School CPD Tracker was born from our desire to help and support teachers, TAs and school leaders to make a difference to children's lives. We know how important the right support can be to a teacher's performance and, consequently, the success of the children. We know how tough teaching can be without that support. But we also know what a difficult balancing act it can be to ensure, as a line manager, that you are offering the right support to the right people to tackle personal performance and wider school issues.

This is why we decided to create a platform that would work with you, intuitively, to track the performance management of every member of staff in your school.

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